Healing Fragrances School of Aromatherapy

We are committed to providing students an aromatherapy education, founded on well researched science based information relating to essential oil topics.

Our programs are designed to educate people who are seeking a program in advanced aromatherapy and for those who have a personal interest in the safe and effective use of essential oils.

Aromatherapy As A Career

Studying aromatherapy not only provides you with the pleasure of understanding the gifts of the healing fragrances of nature, it can lead you to a fulfilling career in a number of unique areas. Whether you are a massage therapist, aesthetician, nurse or someone exploring a new career, once you have completed your training with Healing Fragrances you can integrate your knowledge into an existing profession or create an Aromatherapy consultation practice.

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List of Aromatherapy Programs, Workshops & Webinars


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Natural Perfume Making Workshop!

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Fatty Acids & Components in Carrier Oils Webinar

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Natural Botanical Creams & Lotions Workshop

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The Aromatherapy Beauty Guide Skin Care Series

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Advanced Aromatherapy Constituent Profiles of Essential Oil Webinars

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Healing Fragrances School of Aromatherapy

Is dedicated to teach sound professional knowledge in Aromatherapy.  Our curriculum is based on the most current researched materials, combined with practical hands on experience.  This education program will assist students towards becoming certified in Aromatherapy!

Defining Aromatherapy Education

By enrolling in Danielle Sade’s Aromatherapy certification course, I discovered that the wisdom of the plants around us have just as much wisdom to impart as the sky above, and that the two can be combined in an exciting and unique way. Danielle, I am so thankful and appreciative for your knowledge, humour and steadfastness in introducing me to the world of aromatherapy.


Janet Markham

I am a graduate of Healing Fragrances School of Aromatherapy where I gained insight into the power of essential oils. Danielle Sade has been instrumental in encouraging her to succeed in this new art.  I  learned how to formulate, develop creams and lotions leading me to many opportunities.  

Elaine MaCarther (Natural Solutions)

My studies Healing Fragrances has opened up an entire new dimension to my practice of dentistry. It brings an understanding of the chemistry involved and how it affects human cells. It has helped me appreciate how the oils can be utilized not just with creating a relaxing environment, but also to reduce pathogens and biofilm intraoral and to open airways for better breathing and sleep. 

Dr. Janice Goodman