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Healing Fragrances is proud to announce that we are an official Lab Aroma School and Contributors.    LabAroma database will enrich your knowledge in Aromatherapy Formulations.  Chemistry knowledge and effective blending unlock the path to our essential oils’ beautiful powers. 

Once we, as Aromatherapists, understand our plants DNA, we then have the tools to make a greater impact with aromatherapy. (Colleen Quinn founder of Lab Aroma)

An invaluable sophisticated guide to international legislation guidance for aromatherapists and industry product formulators whose blends must comply with cosmetic legislation.  LabAroma+ makes your complex world of compliance regularity manageable. This package is specifically designed to save you time and money when preparing essential oil formulas for legal approval.             

Gain access to an informative Aromatherapy toolbox! Containing over 200 GC/MS tested essential oils, over 50 CO2 oils and 120 carrier oils and base ingredients all for you to blend with.

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