About Healing Fragrances School of Aromatherapy




Welcome to Healing Fragrances School of Aromatherapy, where the art and science of aromatherapy meet. Our school is the perfect place to learn about the many benefits of using essential oils and how to incorporate them into your daily life and profession.

Our courses are designed with your goals in mind, whether you are a beginner looking to learn the basics of aromatherapy or an advanced student hoping to start your own aromatherapy business. With our one-on-one attention, we will help you achieve the education goals you have set for yourself.

At Healing Fragrances School of Aromatherapy, we offer online classes that is recognized by the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists since the year of 2002.


Not sure how to blend oils or create a specific scent? Our courses include instructional labs where you can test and experiment so you can feel confident in your skills.



With our certification program, you can start a rewarding career in aromatherapy and become an entrepreneur. Our courses cover everything you need to know to create your own practice, from formulation and blending, to safety and ethics, to marketing and building your brand.  

Our classes are taught by experienced and passionate instructor Danielle Sade who is committed to your success. She is available to guide you through the coursework, answer your questions, and provide you with personalized instruction.

As a student at Healing Fragrances School of Aromatherapy, you will become a part of our vibrant and supportive community. You will have the opportunity to connect with fellow students, share your experiences, and learn from each other.


We believe that everyone can benefit from the therapeutic effect of aromatherapy. Whether you are looking to reduce stress, improve your mood, or heal from an illness or injury, we have the tools and the knowledge to help you reach your goals.



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