A Practitioners Guide to Aromatherapy. A Study of Essential oils and their Therapies

The evidence based Practitioners Guide to Aromatherapy by Danielle Sade  -  Includes Pdf downloads and Mp3 recordings.

Part One

  • History of Aromatherapy

  • Defining aromatherapy

  • Methods of Applications

  • Essential Oil Safety

  • Introduction to Botany

  • Essential oil extraction methods

  • Hydrosols & their uses

  • Metabolism and Absorption of essential oils

  • Essential oil Chemistry

  • Carrier Oils

  • Terminology

Part Two

This section include sixty-five essential complete profiles that include (Botanical name, Botanical family, Methods of extractions, Cautions and Interactions, History of the plant, Chemistry and bioactivity of individual constituents, Methods of applications and dilution rates.

  • Monoterpenes (Essential oils high in Monoterpene constituents)         

  • Sesquiterpenes (Essential oils high in Sesquiterpene constituents)        

  • Alcohols (Essential oils high in Mono-terpinols & Sequiterpenols constituents)        

  • Esters (Essential oils high in Ester constituents)         

  • Aldehydes (Essential oils high in aldehydes)   

  • Oxide oil (Essential oils high 1,8 cineole)

  • Phenol oil (Essential oils high in Phenol constituents)

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