Let your journey begin at Healing Fragrances!

Let your journey begin at Healing Fragrances!

Mary Frances Damp CAHP

When I signed up at Healing Fragrances, I began my educational journey pursuing my aspiration to become a Canadian Aromatherapist Health Professional. Choosing Healing Fragrances was a perfect choice. I can honestly say that it gave me the knowledge and confidence to attain my goal. My learning experience surpassed my expectations and Danielle provided the ongoing support to help me achieve my goal. She is a wonderful impressive mentor and very approachable. She provided the guidance and support throughout my journey and I feel blessed to have chosen her school to pursue my dream. I highly recommend others who are considering enrolling in Aromatherapy to choose her school. It was hands down the best decision I made. She cares about her students and it was clearly evident to me by her welcoming guidance and comprehensive approach to learning the educational material. 
Let your journey begin at Healing Fragrances. Hands down the best choice I made,. Danielle Sade is truly an outstanding mentor with exceptional experience in her field. She is an active board member of the CFA, is representing Canada, speaking at an upcoming International Aromatherapy Conference, published a book on skin and beauty, and the list goes on......


Mary Frances Damp ( former student, CAHP).

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