Training Your Sense of Smell

Training Your Sense of Smell

As an aromatherapist and instructor, I'm thrilled to guide you through the fascinating process of perfume making in our new online perfume course. This journey is not just about creating delightful scents; it's about discovering your olfactory senses with a touch of safety and mindfulness.

Identifying Common Perfume Notes

Our olfactory adventure begins with identifying common natural perfume notes derived from essential oils. Imagine the citrusy and grounding aroma of Bergamot FCF, or the deep, romantic scent of Rose Absolute. Imagine the intoxicating sweetness of jasmine sambac and the earthy depth of Austrailian sandalwood. Regular encounters with these scents enhance your ability to discern their unique profiles in various perfumes.

Safety Tip: Always explore these scents in a well-ventilated space and take breaks to prevent olfactory fatigue.


The Art of Aromatic Mixing and Layering

The creative heart of perfumery lies in the art of blending different fragrances. This journey of aromatic mixing and layering is not just about creating new scents; it's about personal exploration and discovery. It's an exciting process that sharpens your sense of smell and invites you to unearth your signature scent.

Safety Tip: When handling essential oils or fragrances, always wear gloves to prevent skin irritation and avoid inhaling directly from the bottle. Remember to dilute essential oils properly.

Diverse Aromatic Exposure

To truly understand the nuances of an aroma, it's vital to expose your senses to a broad spectrum of scents. From the spicy zing of culinary spices to the calming essence of personal care products, and from the therapeutic nature of essential oils to the authenticity of natural perfumes, each scent adds a unique note to your olfactory lexicon.

Safety Tip: Be conscious of potential allergies or sensitivities. Discontinue use and seek medical advice if you experience discomfort.

A Safe and Enriching Experience

Training your sense of smell is a delightful journey that opens up a new dimension in appreciating fragrances. As you explore different perfume notes, experiment with blending, and immerse yourself in a world of diverse scents, remember to prioritize safety. Be aware of allergies, use high-quality ingredients, and handle all materials with care.


Join me in this aromatic exploration, where we blend the joy of discovery with the responsibility of safety. Together, let's navigate the intricate and enchanting world of perfumes. Embrace this journey with curiosity and enthusiasm; the world of natural perfuming is vast and wonderfully complex, and it awaits your unique touch.


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[Disclaimer: The content of this blog post is part of an educational online perfume course and is intended for informational purposes only, with an emphasis on safety guidelines and the art of perfume crafting.]


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Exploring the world of perfumery is like embarking on a sensory journey. Our online perfume course delves into the art of identifying common perfume notes, unlocking the secrets of scents like Bergamot FCF, Rose Absolute, jasmine sambac, and Australian sandalwood. Join us to awaken your sense of smell and indulge in the magic of fragrance creation.
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Embark on a journey of scent exploration with our online perfume course! Learn to identify common perfume notes, master the art of aromatic blending, and enrich your olfactory senses. Safety and mindfulness are our top priorities as you delve into the world of fragrances. Join us at to discover the magic of perfume crafting.

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