Classical Facial Serum

Classical Facial Serum

My mother instilled in me the importance of self-care and taught me how to make things myself. It's now known as "DIY" (Do it yourself). As a result, I believe in self-staining beauty and a balanced diet for many reasons, including cost and time savings. And, most importantly, learning to be resilient when things don't go as planned.

I've spent most of my life advocating for plant-based foods, regular exercise,

adequate sleep, and, most importantly, stress-reduction practices like meditation

and relaxation. For over 30 years, professional aromatherapy has also been a significant part of my lifestyle. Because it has become part of my lifestyle and skincare routine, it has provided me with the knowledge and understanding of utilizing essential oils when needed. I would love to introduce you to my all time favorite serums for that I use on a regular basis.   

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