If you want to be well trained Aromatherapist! I highly recommend Healing Fragrances!

Jackie Shawn CAHP Founder Wholistic Beauty Lab

The reason I chose Healing Fragrances School of Aromatherapy is that it encompasses a holistic and scientific approach to learning about essential oils. This is vital as we move into a new decade and more of the mainstream wanting to incorporate essential oils into their lives.

Danielle Sade is a gifted teacher. If you want to understand the chemistry of essential oils look no further, in fact, purchase Daniella's book "The Aromatherapy Beauty Guide: Using the Science of Carrier and Essential Oils to Create Natural Personal Care products". It is my bible and at my working station when I am compounding essential oil blends..  If you want to be well trained as an Aromatherapist then I highly recommend Danielle Sade.

Jackie Shawn CAHP  Founder Wholistic Beauty Lab