The Magic of Making Perfume

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Dates: June 14th & 15th, 2020

Perfume has been with us for more than five thousand years.  It lingers in places where we least expect it. evoking our memories and feelings; triggering sub-conscious states, thoughts and desires.

The story of perfume has travelled within the mists of time and found its way into different cultures and nations around the world.  Alchemists and craftsmen took pleasure in using essences of herbs, spices, flowers, wild grasses, bark and resins, allowing the forces of natural aromatic essences to evolve into the common use of ritualistic ceremonies, medicine and leisure.   

This workshop provides you with a 2-day in-class experience in the formulation of essential oils to create a signature perfume.

You will learn:

  • Expression Of Scent
  • Danielle Sade theory of vision of scent.
  • Defining Top Note, Middle Note, Base Note.
  • Identifying how individual chemical constituents smell. Learning where these constituents are used in your favourite perfume and how you can find them in natural essential oils.
  • Creating three signature accords. (Building your personal repertoire of fragrance building blocks)
  • Creating a signature perfume

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