Aromatherapy Professional Certification Course

This course is specially designed for online learning for certification in Aromatherapy.   It is recognized by the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapist and will designate you to become a Certified Aromatherapy Health Professional.

Healing Fragrances online aromatherapy program differs from traditional classroom learning, by allowing students to complete courses and programs without attending scheduled on-location classes.
Some of the benefits of doing the Healing Fragrances aromatherapy certification correspondence course include:
  1. Flexibility to begin the Aromatherapy program in the convenience of your own home.
  2. Customize your learning schedule according to your lifestyle, personal and professional needs.
  3. The program offers 30 live webinar tutorials classes with the instructor to ensure a connection with the student to enable the student to proceed in confidence with the material provided.
  4. Access to a classroom portal which will provide with pre-recordings, videos and all reading and study materials of each lesson and videos.
  5. Eligibility to download material with Mp3 recordings!
Course Delivery: Upon registering for the program, you will personally be contacted by your instructor within 24 hours for a personal introduction.    You will receive webinar schedule that consists of 25 online scheduled live webinar meetings and presentations for each session.

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